Recognize The Signs When to Replace Your EHC Hydraulic Power Unit

Phosphate Ester fluids are not easy on hydraulic components, especially when there is degradation in the fluid. There is a point in the life of an EHC hydraulic power unit where the returns of replacing the HPU outweigh the replacement component, maintenance, and downtime.

  • Replacement EHC HPUs (Hydraulic Power Units) generally contain:
  • Redundant 60 HP motors
  • Redundant 4000 PSI 55 GPM pressure compensated piston pumps
  • Reservoir sizes from 100 – 1000 gallons
  • Duplex Pressure line filters and suction line filters
  • Reservoir Heaters
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Bladder style accumulators
  • Instrumentation such as Pressure transmitters, Oil Level transmitters, Temperature transmitters
  • Parker PVS Vacuum Dehydrator Phosphate Ester Oil Conditioning Unit: 5 – 20 GPM, 1-micron filtration, Water removal

Replacement systems are designed with component accessibility, redundancy, and system availability in mind. Most are custom designed to match your existing system with upgrades on any aspect required.

Atlantic’s engineers will specially design a system to provide redundant hydraulic oil flow and pressure to throttle valve spindle, shut down valves, and other control servo valves to control your turbine speed.

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