Hydraulic Systems For

Central Hydraulic Power Unit

Central HPU drives many functions in a Food Processing Facility including:

  • conveyors
  • palletizers
  • press equipment

Hydraulic accumulator aids in peak flow situation.

Kidney loop provides cooling and filtration of oil at all times.


Electric Motors: (3) 100 Hp TEFC

Hydraulic Pumps: (3) Parker PV Series 55 GPM

Hydraulic Pressure: 3000 PSI

Motor Controls: Allen Bradley Motor Control Center

Florida Polytechnic Movable Louvers

Skanska USA
Lakeland, FL

Atlantic Hydraulic Systems was tasked by Skanska USA and MG McGrath Corp to design, Manufacture and Commission a 94 axis hydraulic servo system to maneuver the roof louvers for the new Iconic student center at Florida Polytechnic University.

Features Include:

  • Individual louver control
  • Automatic retraction due to high winds or lightening
  • Locking mechanisms for each louver in down position
  • Graphic touchscreens depicting each louver position and locking status


Hydraulic Pumps: (6) Parker PVP Series Pumps 40 GPM Per

Electric Motors: (6) 60 HP TEFC

Hydraulic Actuators: 94 Cylinders ranging from 8″ bore 64″ stroke to 5″ bore 38″ stroke with Inclinometer Feedback

Hydraulic Control: Allen Bradley Control Logix 94 Axis Servo Control System

500 Ton Hydraulic Filter Press

This press utilizes Horsepower Limiting pump control to optimize the press speed throughout the cycle


Electric Motors: 75 HP TEFC

Hydraulic Pumps: Parker/Denison PV180 Series with Tandem Vane Pump

Hydraulic Pressure: 4400 PSI

Hydraulic Cylinder: (2) 450 mm Bore x 2210 mm Stroke

Aerospace Dynamic Testing Hydraulic Power Unit

Pratt & Whitney
Hartford, CT

Engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney commissioned Atlantic Hydraulic Systems to design and manufacture this hydraulic power unit for developmental testing of their new engine series.

Development tests take several years throughout the entire engine development program and consume a significant part of the total development costs. All of this is necessary to prove the engine meets all the operational and safety requirements.

The system utilizes (5) servo valve axes to apply random forces to the engine’s cowling during the testing phase.


Electric Motor: 50 HP TEFC

Hydraulic Pump: Parker PV Series Piston Pump 30 GPM

Hydraulic Pressure: 4000 PSI

Hydraulic Control: (5) Parker BD Series Servo Valves

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