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of Hydraulic Systems & Controls

Providing Hydraulic Systems & Controls is our business. We’ve been doing it for 35 years ever since Charlie and Eleanor Ferrara founded Atlantic Hydraulic Systems in 1983. ‘Power your Ideas‘ by tapping into our unmatched experience in designing and building power units.


Whatever your pressure & flow
requirements, in whatever environment, we can engineer and manufacture the perfect unit to deliver your hydraulic power. Surf our Hydraulic Power Unit section


Whatever your control needs are, whether it’s push button, or automated PLC control, we can engineer and manufacture an
industrial panel suited to your needs. Surf our Electrical Controls section.


Whatever your force and speed requirement are, we can help you select the proper hydraulic actuator. Surf our Components section.


Our project management team has years of experience delivering and installing large design/build hydraulic projects. The US NAVY, NASA, Army Corps of Engineers,  General Dynamics and other like companies have entrusted us with aiding in their  success on large scale hydraulic projects.

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