The Navy’s Indoor Ocean

Naval Weapons Research Center
Carderock, MD

The Navy’s maneuvering and seakeeping (MASK) basin simulates wave conditions to test the stability and control of scale models up to 30 feet in length so the Navy can predict how the full-scale vessels will perform on the ocean.

The Atlantic team was honored to be part of the team that designed and manufactured the 216 paddle wavemaker that produces precise waves to simulate sea conditions for ship hull and weapons testing.

Atlantic Hydraulic Systems manufactured the paddles, structural supports and control cabinets for the new wavemaker system.


Actuators: 216 Electric Servo Motors

Controls:22 Motor Driver Control Enclosures

Tank Size: 12 Million Gallons

NASA SLS Thrust Vector Hydraulic Power Unit

Kennedy Space Center, FL

This hydraulic power unit was designed and manufactured  by Atlantic Hydraulic Systems to be a last chance test system for the thrust vector actuators in the SLS Rocket program. The trailer based hydraulic system is located adjacent from the launchpad for easy connection pre-launch.

Controls and feedback include:

  • pump pressure and flow controls
  • motor status
  • fluid water content and cleanliness
  • fluid level and temperature


Hydraulic Flow: 66 GPM

Hydraulic Pressure:4500 PSI

Controls: PLC Full Function Control

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