Hydraulic Systems
For Oil & Gas

Emergency Shut Down Hydraulic System

Halliburton Corporation
Houston, TX

The Hydraulic ESD (Hydraulic Emergency Shut Down) is a system that
provides reliable valve shutdown capability when an external  hydraulic power source or controls are not available.

These systems were  designed by Atlantic Hydraulic Systems to actuate or shut down BOP (blow out preventer) and other subsea actuators during a system failure or emergency situation via local or manual controls of the oil flow.


Hydraulic Pump: Air Driven Piston Pump

Hydraulic Pressure: 14,000 PSI

System Controls: Siemens Explosion Proof Local Control

Mast Raising Hydraulic System

Houston, TX

These Hydraulic Power Units along with the associated operator panels were designed and manufactured to control:

  • winches for substructure lifting
  • sustaining cylinders
  • snubbing cylinders
  • skidding system cylinders

This hybrid hydraulic system manufactured by Atlantic Hydraulic Systems utilizes both a 225 HP Diesel Engine and (2) 150 HP electric motors. Diesel power is utilized on sites where AC power is not yet available.


Diesel Engine: Deutz 225 HP

Electric Motors: (2) 150 HP

Hydraulic Pump: (6) Parker PV140 Piston Pumps

Controls: Allen Bradley Soft Start Motor Contols

Pipeline Valve Actuation

Linden, NJ

Atlantic Hydraulic Systems was commissioned to design and manufacture hydraulic systems that pump and store high pressure hydraulic oil for valve actuation when demand requires.

The system communicates with a central control station via a SCADA interface.

Hydraulic pumps assure that (3) large accumulators syat fully charged awaiting a valve shift and the need for the HPUs high pressure flow.


Hydraulic Pumps: 7.8 GPM Parker PVP Pressure Compensated Piston Pumps

Electric Motors: 2 x 7.5 HP

Controls: Allen – Bradley PLC in NEMA4X Enclosure

Mast Raising Control System

Houston, TX

This project took a previously manually operated Mast Raising hydraulic rig and retrofit it by  designing, manufacturing and commissioning a closed loop electro-hydraulic control system utilizing proportional hydraulic valves.

The system was upgraded from utilizing visual feedback to control (2) axes of motion to utilizing digital inclinometers as feedback for the (2) axis system.


Controls: Delta RMC150 MultiAxis Hydraulic Controller

Feedback: Digital Inclinometer

Hydraulic Flow: (2) Axis Proportional Control

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