Hydraulic Control Oil Skid

Pittsburgh, PA

These electrohydraulic speed control systems feed servo valves to govern and throttle turbine speed.

The system uses a separate fluid reservoir from the turbine lube oil main supply.

Sensors using the Hart Protocol feedback pressure and flow for assurance of proper operation of this critical component.


Pump Flow: 2 x 12 GPM Parker
Pressure Compensated Piston

Electric Motor: 2 x 10 HP TEFC

Hydraulic Pressure: 2500 PSI

Atmospheric Lube Oil System

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New York, NY

This 5000 gallon Lube Oil System that produces 880 GPM was manufactured in 3 modules:

  • Atmospheric Oil Tank and Pumping Module
  • Atmospheric Oil FIltering and Cooling Module
  • Pedestal Flow and Jacking Module


Hydraulic Pumps: (4) IMO H3DGH Screw Pumps – 880 GPM

Electric Motor: (4) 30HP TEFC

Oil Pressure: 150 PSI

Tank Oil Pressure (Vacuum): 100 Torr

Diverter Dampening Hydraulic System

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These Atlantic Hydraulic Systems HPUs are responsible for controlling a hydraulically driven diverter blade for a Heat Recovery Steam Generator, which captures hot exhaust from a gas turbine. The hydraulic power units were built with redundant components for failsafe operation. This includes the main 25HP motors and 60 gallon accumulator bank that automatically closes the diverter blade to a closed state in the event of power loss.


Hydraulic Pump: Parker PVP Variable Piston Pump

Electric Motors: 2 x 25HP

Hydraulic Oil Pressure: 3500 PSI

Controls: Allen-Bradley Control Logix (Hot Swap)

Hydraulic Starter, Lubrication and Cooling Systems

Mobile Peaking Power Generation Systems require compact hydraulic starting systems, lubrication systems and cooling systems.

Atlantic Hydraulic Systems has designed and manufactured the systems to be installed on mobile rigs for peaking operation.


Starter Electric Motor: 125 HP

Starter Hydraulic Pump: Parker/Denison P14 77 GPM

Starter Hydraulic Pressure: 4500 PSI

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