Seabrook Lift & Sector Gates

United States Army Corps of Engineers
New Orleans, LA

In the 12 years since Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has nearly completed one of the world’s most remarkable hurricane protection systems to encircle New Orleans. The Seabrook Floodgate Structure is a flood barrier which is designed to protect the surrounding areas from a storm surge from Lake Ponchartrain. It consists of two 50 ft wide vertical lift gates and a 95 ft wide sector gate.

Atlantic Hydraulic Systems designed, manufactured and commissioned the flood gate hydraulics and control systems at Seabrook Gates. Atlantic on-site technicians directed the installation of the HPU, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic plumbing and both high voltage and control wiring.

The gates are controlled using a user-friendly graphic interface and provides closed loop position control of the gates and safety interlocks with the gates locking mechanisms.

Read our White Paper presented at Heavy Movers Conference 2015


Hydraulic Cylinders: (4) 13″ Bore x 7″ Rod x 276″ Stroke

Hydraulic Motor: (2) Hagglunds

Controls: Redundant Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC

Horsepower: Dual 15 HP Motors

Pump: arker PVP Pressure Compensated Piston Pumps

Metropolitan Ave Bridge Hydraulics

NYC Dept of Transportation
New York, NY

Atlantic Hydraulic Systems provided the design and manufacture of both the temporary and permanent hydraulic systems during the bridge’s machinery replacement due to Hurricane Sandy.

Two 60 HP hydraulic power units and four 10″ bore x 96″ stroke cylinders drive the two massive leaves of the bridge.

Four 7.5 HP hydraulic power units drive the tail locks into place.

Other Movable Bridge Hydraulics projects include:

  • Willis Ave Bridge
  • 145 St Bridge
  • Metropolitan Ave Bridge
  • Hamilton Ave Bridge
  • 3rd Ave Bridge
  • Marine Parkway Bridge
  • Beaver Dam Bridge


Cylinders: (4) 10″ bore x 96″ stroke

Controls: Motor Starters Package and Relay Logic

Electric Horsepower: (4) 30 HP TEFC

Emergency Drive Motor: 75 HP Deutz Diesel

New Orleans Lift Gates

Army Corps of Engineers
New Orleans, LA

After Hurricane Katrina Atlantic Hydraulic Systems was commissioned to design, manufacture and install the hydraulic system for the Orleans Avenue Gates.

Five hydraulically driven winches were placed to lift and lower massive gates to prevent water flow in the canal during a storm.

The HPU is designed to communicate with the municipal SCADA systems as well as to be run manually.

Other New Orleans locations where Atlantic Hydraulic Systems were utilized are:

  • Seabrook Gates
  • Bayou Segnette Complex
  • Charles Parish Navigable Closure
  • Floodwall at St. Bernard & Plaquemines Parish
  • Inner Harbor Navigation Canal, St Bernard Parish


Horsepower: Dual 15 HP Electric Motors

Hydraulic Pumps: Dual 8 GPM Gear Pumps

Hydraulic Pressure: 2800 PSI

Controls: SCADA Systems with Manual Panel Override

Hydraulic Actuators: Roller Stator Hydraulic Motors

North Dakota Flood Control

US Army Corps of Engineers
Williston, ND

A by product of the Oil Fracking Boom in North Dakota is the drilling wastewater produced in the process.

Oil companies produce millions of gallons of salty, chemical-infused wastewater, known as brine, as part of drilling and fracking each well.

Atlantic Hydraulic Systems was chosen to design and manufacture diesel driven hydraulic system to drive the large water pumps that dispose of the toxic water.

The 360 HP Cummins Diesel Engine drives two Parker PV series piston pumps to output 200 GPM of hydraulic oil at 4000 PSI.

Three Parker F11 hydraulic motors per HPU were utilized to drive the 18,000 GPM water pumps on this project.


Drive Engine: 360 HP Cummins Diesel

Actuators: Parker F11 Piston Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic Pressure: 4000 PSI

Hydraulic Pumps: Parker PV270 & PV140 Piston Pumps

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