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The Five Key Components Which Make Modern Hydraulic Power Units Different From Conventional Systems

If you are looking to replace or retrofit a Hydraulic Power Unit, you need to understand the key components which have made modern HPUs smaller, quieter, and more efficient. Gone are the days of being limited to just a fixed-speed Hydraulic Power Unit.  In fact, the new variable-speed HPUs are far more energy efficient, and […]

Today’s Rising Tides Are No Match For Atlantic Hydraulic Systems’ Cutting Edge Technology In Water Control Gates And Stormwater Management Systems

Atlantic Hydraulic Systems has designed, manufactured, and commissioned many key elements in the fight against the rising tides of the world. We live in a busy society which is dependent on our ability to travel, transact business, gather at social events, and connect with other humans on multiple levels. With each passing day, however, our […]

Twenty Years Later… Hydraulics is Still the Star of Cirque du Soleil

Step outside the airport in Las Vegas and the sensory overload begins. Hard-charging lights and sounds that create an incomparable experience for the entire time one is within that unique city. So, if you are in the business of creating memorable entertainment in such a competitive atmosphere, how do you do it? In fact, how [...]

How Atlantic Is Helping A Georgia Nuclear Power Plant Look To The Future With Key System For Two New Reactors Currently Under Construction

For the first time in over three decades new nuclear reactors are under construction in the United States at Georgia Nuclear Power Plant - The Vogtle Electric Generating Plant Atlantic Hydraulic Systems is providing a key component to the new reactors at the Vogtle Electric Generating Plant in Georgia: Turbine Jack Oil Systems. What Is [...]

Atlantic Hydraulic Systems Names Christina Chapman As Lead On Key NASA Launcher Collaboration

Chapman is managing Atlantic’s Mobile Launcher 2 Hydraulic Systems Project for NASA’s new rocket program which looks to put the first woman on the moon as early as 2024. SHIRLEY, NY - March 11, 2022 (Atlantic Hydraulic Systems): With the Artemis Program – NASA hopes to put the first woman on the moon as early [...]

Hurricane IDA No Match for Hydraulic Levee Gates

The powerful Hurricane Ida was a deadly and destructive Category 4 Atlantic hurricane that became the second-most damaging storm to ever strike U.S soil, just behind Katrina. It also caused catastrophic flooding across New England.  What Are Levee Gates? A levee is a man-made structure designed to control the flow of water and debris to [...]

How Does A Hydraulic Press Work? Made Simple

Have you ever wondered how a hydraulic press works? It’s not difficult to understand and can help you make better decisions about buying one. This blog post will cover the basics of hydraulics and show you how they work. How Does A Hydraulic Press Work? Hydraulic presses require hydraulic cylinders or “hydraulic rams”. High-pressure hydraulic […]

The Top 6 Reasons Why Liquids Are Well Suited For Hydraulics

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, hydraulic systems have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Hydraulic systems use liquids, usually oils, as their working fluids. These liquids are stored in a closed system and pumped to where they are needed when pressure is applied. Why Liquids Are Well Suited For Hydraulics A hydraulic machine […]

How To Design an Energy-Efficient Hydraulic System

In these days of increasing energy costs as well as the push to lower our carbon footprint, there are some simple ways to design a hydraulic system that consumes less energy. This blog will cover several key areas to consider in the design of an efficient hydraulic power unit. You will learn how all of [...]