How Atlantic Is Helping A Georgia Nuclear Power Plant Look To The Future With Key System For Two New Reactors Currently Under Construction

For the first time in over three decades, new nuclear reactors are under construction in the United States at Georgia Nuclear Power Plant – The Vogtle Electric Generating Plant

Atlantic Hydraulic Systems is providing a key component to the new reactors at the Vogtle Electric Generating Plant in Georgia: Turbine Jack Oil Systems.

What Is A Turbine Jacking Oil System?

Atlantic’s Turbine Jacking Oil Pumps are specially designed to reduce high friction in turning gears between rotor and bearings during start-up of a turbine and then  shut down

In other words, the jacking oil pump is used in large turbine systems (like those found in a nuclear reactor) to prevent metal-to-metal contact in the bearings during turbine start-up.

How Does The Turbine Jacking Oil System Function?

The Turbine Jacking Oil System essentially lifts the heavy turbine rotor shafts until the turbine itself is spinning fast enough to create dynamic lift.

More specifically, the heavy rotor is prevented from rubbing against the bearing’s white metal or babbit bedding area at low speeds through the production of a hydrostatic oil film when the rotational speed is too low to produce a hydrodynamic oil film (or self-lubrication).

This hydrostatic film reduces the break-away torque during the run-up of the turbine rotor during high friction start-up, shut down, and slow speed (turning gear) periods.

How Are The Turbine Jacking Oil Systems Going To Specifically Help The Vogtle Electric Generating Plant?

The two new Georgia Power Co. reactors at the Vogtle Electric Generating Plant will account for 2500 MW of power produced by Westinghouse AP1000 Power Plants.

The seven jacking oil pump packages from Atlantic Hydraulic Systems are required for the low-pressure turbine and generator bearings which are mounted on support platforms attached to or adjacent to the turbines and generator.

The pumps are specifically capable of producing 1.5 GPM @ 3500 PSI to the bearings.

Other features of the systems include ASME system relief valve, pump pulsation dampener, non-bypass 5-micron hydraulic filter, pressure & differential pressure feedback instrumentation.

Why Are The New Nuclear Reactors A Big Deal?

The new Plant Vogtle units 3 and 4 are the first new nuclear units built in the United States in the last three decades. Once complete, the addition of the new Vogtle units will give the plant enough capability to produce safe, reliable, affordable electricity to power one million Georgia homes and businesses.