Cirque du Soleil KA

MGM Grand Hotel
Las Vegas, NV

Atlantic Hydraulic Systems was summoned to design and manufacture the hydraulic and control system for the largest moving stage in the world.

A massive 1425 HP hydraulic power unit and hydraulic accumulator stand were combined to produce:

  • 2800 GPM
  • 4600 PSI

The longest hydraulic cylinders ever produced by Parker Hannifin launches the 200 ton stage 70 ft into the air.

Then tilts it 100 degrees and spins it at an infinite number of turns.


Hydraulic Flow: 2800 GPM

Electric Motors: (5) 250 HP, (1) 150 HP

Hydraulic Pressure: 4000 PSI

Controls: Delta Tau 12 axis servo controls

Wicked Levitator System

Gershwin Theater
New York, NY

Hydraulics provide the power and control to rise the witch 20ft above the stage as the  song “Defying Gravity” brings  ACT 1 s to a climax.

The Wicked Hydraulic Levitator which raises the actress into the air does not contain an on-board hydraulic power unit.

A remote hydraulic power unit charges up accumulators on the levitator prior to being  detached.

Proportional valves and redundant circuitry are employed to insure the actress’ safety.


Hydraulic Pump Flow: (2) Parker pressure compensated piston pumps 8 GPM

Electric Motors: (2) 15 HP TEFC

Hydraulic Pressure: 2600 PSI

Spiderman On Broadway

Foxwoods Theater
New York, NY

New York City’s 42nd Street was host to the Spiderman Turn Off The Dark with it’s spectacular winch driven flying characters and 8 hydraulically driven stages.

Two 75 HP motor drive Parker pressure compensated piston pumps to fill hydraulic accumulators and create the energy to drive 19 servo controlled cylinders during the show. Atlantic Hydraulic Systems designed, manufactured and installed all the hydraulics for the project.


Electric Motors: 2 x 75 HP TEFC

Hydraulic Pumps: (2) Parker PV Series

Hydraulic Accumulators: (2) Parker 40 Gallon Piston Accumulators

Hydraulic Pressure: 2900 PSI

Hydraulic Cylinder: (8) 6″ Bore x 8.5′ Stroke

Minskoff Theater

Minskoff Theater
New York, NY

As the opening scene unfolds, Pride Rock slowly rotates and rises from the stage driven by Parker piston accumulators and Parker PV series piston pumps. Atlantic Hydraulic Systems’ Hydraulic Power Unit, Hydraulic Manifolds, Cylinders and Hydraulic Accumulators have been powering this stage since 1995.

The hydraulics rake (tilt) the stage, raise three downstage small stages on scissor lifts,  raise Pride Rock and actuate locking mechanisms scattered through the stage.


Electric Motor: (2) 40 HP TEFC

Hydraulic Pump:(4) Parker PD140 Piston Pumps

Hydraulic Pressure: 2800 PSI

Hydraulic Accumulators: (5) 50 Gallon Piston Accumulators

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