Deutz Up to 208 Horsepower

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Deutz Up to 208 Horsepower

Model AF-11243

Diesel Hydraulic Power Units Available in the following configurations:

Model # Deutz Model# Engine HP Flow @ 2,000 PSI Flow @ 3,000 PSI
AF-11243-88 TD2012L4 88 HP Up to 36 GPM Up to 30GPM
AF-11243-118 TCD2012L4 118 HP Up to 48 GPM Up to 40 GPM
AF-11243-138 TCD2012L4 138HP Up to 58 GPM Up to 48 GPM
AF-11243-208 TCD2012L6 208 HP Up to 84 GPM Up to 70 GPM
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This compact Diesel Hydraulic Power Unit is perfect for Mobile
applications or as an Emergency Backup hydraulic power source.

  • Water-cooled 4 and 6-cylinder inline engines with turbocharging and charge air cooling
  • The compact engine design and three PTO drive possibilities integrated into the gear drive reduce the installation costs and offer numerous application possibilities.
  • The powerful DEUTZ Common-Rail (DCR®) injection system and the electronic engine control (EMR 3) with intelligent link to the drive management ensure optimum engine performance at low fuel consumption.
  • The 4-cylinder is also available with a mechanical injection system in the power range of up to 88 kW
  • Best cold starting properties for diesel hydraulic power units even under extreme conditions.
  • The 4-cylinder is also available with an optional mass compensation gear for low noise emissions and very smooth running so that expensive insulation measures can be omitted.
  • Long oil change intervals and easy changing of the engine fluids reduce the running costs and increase the availability of the machinery.
  • The robust engine design allows worldwide operation even with high sulfur fuels.
  • ND-C (Intermittent) is the horsepower and speed capability of the engine where maximum power and/or speed are cyclic (time at full load not to exceed 50%).
  • Reliable, Quiet, and Durable Power World-class manufacturing capability and processes coupled with proven core engine designs assure reliability, quiet operation, and many hours of productive life.
  • Exceptional power density enables standardization across numerous applications.


  • 300 Gallon Overhead Reservoir
  • Custom Valve Circuitry
  • Pressure Compensated Pump
  • Vehicle Battery
  • Cooling/Heating
  • Pressure/Return Filtration


  • Stainless Steel Tank & Plumbing
  • Pressure Compensated Piston Pump
  • Cage/Crane Lift
  • NEMA 4X Control Enclosure
  • Hydrostatic Pumps
  • Diesel Tank