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AC/DC Pick-a-Pack
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The Pick-A-Pack hydraulic product is an easy to configure system based around modular construction. All of the components in the Pick-a-Pack product range are designed to be interchangeable with mating components.

How to Select Pump and AC Motor Combinations:

A pump/motor combination should be selected which doesn’t overdraw the motor in the worst case flow and pressure condition.

Example: HPmotor <= FLOWgpm x PRESSUREpsi / 1500

HPmotor <= 3gpm x 1000psi/1500

HPmotor = 2

How to Select Pump and DC Motor Combinations:

Select the correct motor and pump for a given application. Ensure proper pressure, flow and electrical amp draw for the application. Pump/motor curves are available in the Full Catalog for various combinations of pumps and motors.

There are motor curves for both S2 and S3 duty cycle categories.

  • S2- Absolute Continuous On-time. Indicates how long a motor can be run continuously before it must be allowed to cool back to ambient temperature.
  • S3- Percentage On-time. Based on a 5 minute duty cycle, it indicates the duty cycle the motor can be run continuously without overheating the motor.


  • 1 & 3 Ph AC Motors to 5 HP
  • 12 & 24 VDC Motors
  • Gear Pump, HI LO Available
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Electrical Accessories
  • Oil Reservoir .5 to 14 Gallon