Allen Bradley PLC

PLC for Large Control Systems

ControlLogix systems fit your most demanding application needs. They provide discrete, drives, motion, process, and safety control together with network communication and state-of-the-art I/O in a small, competitive package. Designed for distributed or supervisory control applications, this PLC provides exceptional reliability and performance.

PLC for Small Control Systems

The CompactLogix system is designed to provide a Logix solution for small and mid-size applications. Typically, these applications are machine-level control applications. A simple system can consist of a standalone controller with a single bank of I/O modules and network communication

PLC for Micro Control Systems

The Micro and Nano PLCs provide economical solutions to basic control needs for your simple machines ranging from relay replacement to simple control timing and logic. Compact packaging, integrated I/O and communication, and ease of use make these controllers an ideal choice for applications such as conveyor automation, security systems, and building and parking lot lighting.


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