Reduce the Risk of Forced Outages

Studies show that component wear caused by fluid degradation
is the leading cause of EHC system failures.

Atlantic’s EHC Hydraulic Power Units

Retrofit Your Present System with a Vacuum Dehydrator

Part Number AF-11148

The EHC Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) consists of a fluid reservoir, pumps, fluid coolers, strainers, filters, and accumulators. The pumps are motor driven, variable delivery, piston pumps. Normally one pump is running with the other in standby. If the running pump fails, the standby pump will automatically start when system pressure decays. Key option feature is our Parker 5 GPM vacuum dehydration unit to keep the fluid dry and the components safe.

The Atlantic Difference: Custom Engineered to Match Existing System

  • Parker pressure compensated Piston pumps rated to 4500 PSI (most systems use lower pressure)
  • Pressure detection utilized for controller to automatically switch pumps over when pressure decays.
  • Full time fluid dehydrator will keep oil, especially phosphate ester fluids dry. Water in these fluids decompose it creating acids and alcohols which will destroy hydraulic components.
  • Hydraulic oil accumulators included to provide temporary flow in power loss situation.
  • Kidney Loop Filter & Cooling is standard