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Enclosed Low Noise

Hydraulic Power Units are built to your specifications. Our knowledgeable estimators ask the right questions to help define your needs. Call us to discuss your flow, pressure and control requirements and we will propose our solution in detail. 

How to reduce noise in a hydraulic system? Noise certainly cannot be eliminated, but a number of products and techniques exist to bring noise down to an acceptable level. Pump controls which lower pump pressure (when not needed) are energy and noise reducers. Electric motors with lower RPM and vibration dampening mounts are also effective. Fluid conductors (tubing, hose, fittings), often are overlooked as noise sources. Plumbing techniques are used with Pulse-Tone hydraulic shock suppressors reduce noise as well. Installing sound-damping materials around the motor-pump or power unit is also very effective.

Low noise Hydraulic Systems don’t just happen. They’re a result from careful design and well-planned installation strategies.

Order your HPU with a Combination Motor StarterUnburden your company and allow us to design and provide an NEC compliant Motor Starter with your HPU. 


  • Vibration Dampening
  • 1,200 RPM Electric Motor
  • Sound Dampening Cover
  • PulseTone Supressors


  • Custom Valve Circuitry
  • Pump Unloading Controls
  • Oil Heating/Cooling
  • Pressure Return Filter
  • Motor Starter Enclosure