Motor Starter -CUSTOM

Motor Starter CUSTOM

motor small    Magnetic Contactor

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NEC standards can be difficult to interpret and implement. Unburden your company and allow us to design and provide an NEC compliant Motor Starter with your HPU. Available for motors up to 200 Horsepower. Call us for help selecting the right options.  

Motor Starter Hydraulic

NEC Typical Multiple Motor Starter Circuit


  • Relay Logic Control
  • NEMA 4X Enclosure
  • Stop Start Pushbutton
  • HAND-OFF-AUTO Switch
  • Manual or Automatic RESET
  • Short-Circuit Protection


  • Rotary Handle Disconnect
  • Magnetic Contactor 
  • Thermal Overload Relay
  • Panel Lights
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Control Transformer